Our Team
Our 17-person team slowly grew over time, with each person adding a unique background and perspective to development. Building the game remotely, we became familiar with each other's voices over Discord and learned who was most likely to forget they were muted.
Aaron Kapral
Character Artist & Animator
Anita Lin
Audio Designer
Azhar Siddiqui
Gameplay Programmer
Bradley Dawn
LevelĀ  & Game Designer
Casey Gatlin
Lead Engineer & Creative Director
Conner Workman
Level Designer
Darianne Salinas
Social Media Manager
Deeprashmi Nath
Producer & Game Designer
Dong Wang
Gameplay Programmer
Jennifer Egan
Narrative & Level Designer
Jolie Uk
VFX & Shader Artist
Junliang Zhang
Lighting & Technical Artist
Kevin Le
Gameplay Programmer
Manas Rawat
Gameplay & Tools Programmer
Mingxi Zou
UX/UI Artist
Nero Cao
Level & Game Designer
Saaransh Vatsa
Gameplay Programmer
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